Best of Portraits | 2023

🎶 Guess who’s back… back again 🎶 Blogging every 2 years is the thing, right?

One of my 2024 goals is to be more present on my socials and on my blog, and what better way to get started than some best of posts?! 2023 was an AMAZING year at ADPV. It was almost as good in business as it was personally, but nothing could possibly beat marrying the love of my life in 2023 (more to share on that later on the blog).

I am so lucky to have such awesome clients. This year, I photographed some of my favorite families for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year in a row!! It is seriously the biggest honor to have clients that continue to trust me to capture their milestones in life whether it be weddings, pregnancy, new babies, anniversaries, senior photos or updating family photos. Enjoy some of my favorites from portrait sessions this past year! I can’t wait to see what sessions 2024 will bring!