Corolla Vacation | Outer Banks, North Carolina

Our Family Vacation 2020

With the outbreak of coronavirus this year, my family and I were trying not to get our hopes up for our mid-May Outer Banks vacation. When they announced they were opening up the Outer Banks to visitors the DAY BEFORE we were supposed to leave to start our vacation, we were more than excited!! We, like many people, had been cooped up at home for what seemed like forever and we were so hoping to be able to get out of the house, even if we had to “stay at home” at the home at the beach!

It was a different than usual, but amazing and much needed vacation. I was so lucky to have my best friend and my boo thang tag along! They both had just graduated from college, so it was a great way to celebrate them as well! Enjoy a very small portion of the hundreds of photos we took that week!